mercredi 28 décembre 2011

End of the story

I think it is now clear that I don't have enough time to work on this project anymore.
This is sad since I just finished the invasion code :)

There so much stuff remaining to do (alone): 

- Writing a help file (Galaxypedia)
- Testing and balancing the code, QA
- Doing some creative artwork
- Developing facebook integration
- Translating to different languages

There is not a surprise that most of successful MMPOGs are developed 
by companies and not by a single person over the years.

I will release the final version of the program on sourceforge in few days
and I will close the online games actually running on my own server.

If someone want to take the pilgrim staff and create a team to finish this 
game I will be glad to join and do my part.

Anyway, I would like to thanks players who visited
in the fast five years, I had to admit that the last two years were not really
interesting since I was developing a new version at very very slow pace.

Happy new year,
Yanick Bourbeau
ybourbeau at

samedi 15 octobre 2011

Source code update

I have updated the source code on the running server.

I will monitor for bugs and I would appreciate you report any issues at

The source code and list of changes will be posted soon.

jeudi 28 juillet 2011

Back from vacation

Hello everyone, I am back from vacation and I fixed the problem in my code preventing everyone to play :)

For the next two days I plan to implement missing features as well.

samedi 11 juin 2011

Game balancing and partial fixes

I reseted the game again and I have made lot of changes in regard with game balancing:

- Planets cost much more to buy
- Tourism, ore and petroleum planets generate revenue based on demand, too much of a specific planet and you start to produce less credits.
- Inflation is a little bit higher

- Light cruisers production now work
- Population and credits growth were full of bugs, 2-3 hours worth of bugs fixed :)
- Bank can now loan you useful amount of money

As always, I welcome any feedbacks.

mercredi 18 mai 2011

Solar Imperium 3.0 Alpha 3

Tonight I reseted the game and fixed some obvious bugs. For example when I was reseting a game, the lottery jackpot was carried over to next game round. Anyone who bought just one lottery ticket got the entire jackpot.

There is a list of short things I have done (not counting bugs):

- Players who created an empire but have not played a single turn are eliminated after 24 hours.
- Players who created an empire and played few turns but not enough to get out of protection are elimited after 48 hours of no activity.
- I have redone all the ingame statistics system with the nice jqplot library.
- Nuclear warfare is now fully functionnal!
- Basic invasion code is in place, this is the next feature I wish to complete.

I hope you will like the changes.

Also, if you find some weird english sentences I will be grateful if you notice me about it. I really want to have a good english language dictionnary (gettext) for the game. (I am not a native english speaker). After that, I would be able to start writing the tutorial texts and general ingame documentation.

This is it for now, next version will include:

- Complete invasion code
- A working research tree
- Hall of fames / rankings and game completion (You know, after 30 days the game must reset)

And in some not-too-distant future, facebook integration :)

l8r, Yanick

samedi 16 avril 2011


So much things to complete :)

For now there is a short list of things I changed in main game server code:

- You could actually die now (when population reach 0).
- Guerilla code completed (including event display).
- You can detach chat window.
- Chat window display how old messages are (days).
- Various fixes for CHROME browser.
- Games browser display a message when no game is available.
- Some aesthetics changes to games browser and game stats pages.

Things remaining to do:

 - Auto-collapse empires who have not done a turn after 24 hours since it's creation. You know, to destroy zombies and gives space to real players.
- Missing calculations about galactic taxes and refunds.
- Invasion code.
- Nuclear warfare code.
- Fixing the mess with pie-charts.

Btw, I would like to thank people who posted bugs to bug tracker.

jeudi 7 avril 2011

Fixing bugs

I fixed some bugs and few things remains to be done. Also, the game looks rather odd with Chrome, I have to repair this too.

So It was just a simple post to let you know I am working on remaining issues

Missing features to complete:

- Can actually die
- Invasion code
- Guerilla code

Stay tuned ...